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Use Common Sense

       For your safety, while driving please do not watch video or operating this machine. Set the volume to clearly hear outside sound levels while driving. Before you begin, carefully read this manual and other manuals and understand this manual and machine safety tips and warning signs, after reading it, please put it on the readily accessible place for ready reference.
  1、First pay attention to traffic safety.
  2、If when you encounter difficulties in operating the system, park your car in a safe place before the operation.
  3、Please do not let children operate this machine, so as not to cause personal injury or damage to the machine.
  4、When using satellite navigation feature, please follow the rules of the road driving.
  5、Please do not use this machinery in place to prohibit the use of electronic equipment or open flame is prohibited, such as gas stations, wineries, electromagnetic strong interference region, or it may be dangerous
  6、Do not self-service, maintenance, or install the machine. In case of the power is on, do not install or repair 
     the machine. It is very dangerous if the person who did not receive the electronic equipment or vehicle 
     installation training or lack of experienced personnel to install and repair the machine.
  7、Do not store or install the machine in direct sunlight place, nor to be placed in the environment of other harmful substances, especially LCD screen, when installing, if the LCD screen just in the air conditioner near the ventilation duct, to ensure that cold do not wind or hot air blowing directly on the machine, otherwise it may damage the machine, even for personal injury.
  8、Do not use sharp objects to scratch or paint on the display, do not take a hard object vigorously push on the display, otherwise it will cause damage to the display or the touch screen.
  9、In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine and to prevent the occurrence of fire or electric shock, do not expose it in the moist air, also do not to let the liquid spilled on the machine.

Care and Maintenance
The car entertainment & navigation systems need to be operated carefully, considering its excellent design
and technology.
The following suggestions will help you to fulfill the obligation of warranty terms and conditions.
1. Keep all the parts, accessories of the car entertainment & navigation systems away from the children.
2. Please keep dry. The rainwater, moisture and other kinds of liquid may contain mineral substance, which will
corrode the electronic circuits. The soaking or moisture will ruin the components, cause irreparable damage.
3. Do not use or put the headunits in the dusty or smudgy place, which may damage its detachable elements.
4. Keep the headunits away from the extremely hot place. The high temperature will shorten the acceptable life,
damage the battery , deform or melt the plastic parts.
5. Keep the headunits away from the extremely cold place. Otherwise the temperature increment may accumulate
moisture inside, which will damage the circuit board.
6. Please do not throw, knock or shock the machine with great force, otherwise it may be ruined.
7. Do not attempt to destructuralize the machine, this will damage it, especially to the non-professionals.
8. Do not use the strong chemicals, detergent or strong abluent to wash the machine.
9. Keep away the electromagnetic, radioactive or magnetic equipment when use the machine or store it.
10. When wipe the screen, use the soft and clean cloth, ordinary paper is not recommended.
11. The LCD screen is scraped easily, please use the touch pen when operate. To avoid the damage on the screen,
other sharp objects are not recommended.


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