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  • Country/Region:China
  • Address:4F,Building A,HuaHaoTai industrial park,East LongGuan Road 28th, LongHua,BaoAn District,ShenZhen,P.R.China(near Longhua bus station)
  • Tel:+86 0755-83768287
  • Contact Person:Cathy, Maggie, Sandy, Jason, Ada, Amy,linda
  • Job Title:Business Manager


Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
2023 Hualingan New Catalogue.pdf 75.97MB 2 2023-04-04 Download
Android system Audi Q5 function operation flow 9.04MB 637 2017-07-29 Download
Andrews Benz SLK function operation flow 13.56MB 350 2017-07-29 Download
2017 Hualingan Company's brochure 24.51MB 364 2017-06-15 Download
The Android navigation entertainment system for BMW F10 1.38MB 408 2017-05-16 Download
8810/8809 original car and machine interface switching operation.mp4 11.40MB 489 2017-04-28 Download
The navigation entertainment system for Benz C.pdf 4.42MB 423 2017-04-27 Download
2016 Hualingan Company's brochure 2016 Hualingan Company's brochure 18.67MB 474 2017-04-20 Download
NEW Android 5.1 navigation interface instruction Android 5.1 12.71MB 583 2017-04-20 Download
BMW Android User Manual.pdf BMW 8.72MB 554 2017-04-20 Download
Suzuki Jimini Car Navigator loading video Suzuki Jimini Car Navigator loading video 16.78MB 216 2017-04-07 Download
New 2016 Hualingan Company's brochure .pdf 11.44MB 335 2016-09-19 Download
USER manual.pdf Hualingan USER manual 7.24MB 894 2016-08-12 Download
Hualingan Corporate Video Hualingan Corporate Video 41.65MB 331 2016-07-27 Download
SGS Certification Report SGS Certification Report 1.08MB 350 2016-01-07 Download
BMW 3 dvd player iDrive Operation Control Test.mp4 BMW 3 dvd player iDrive Operation Control Test 5.80MB 482 2015-12-11 Download
Volkswagen User Manual Volkswagen User Manual 6.26MB 387 2015-12-04 Download
Suzuki navigatior User Manual Suzuki User Manual 7.01MB 411 2015-12-04 Download
BMW MiNi player User Manual.pdf BMW MiNi player User Manual 12.93MB 478 2015-12-04 Download
Audi user manual Audi user manual 7.24MB 592 2015-12-03 Download


Aftermarket Android In-Car Entertainment Navigations: Android System, Apple Carplay, Android Auto,Screen Upgrade, Multimedia Video Box,Headunit Android
Since 2004, the products have been sold to various countries around the
Address:Hualingan, 2F, Building A, Jiantao Science Park, No. 3, Queshan 2nd Village Industrial Zone, Longhua District, shenzhen, China.​​​​​​​