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  • Country/Region:China
  • Address:4F,Building A,HuaHaoTai industrial park,East LongGuan Road 28th, LongHua,BaoAn District,ShenZhen,P.R.China(near Longhua bus station)
  • Tel:+86 0755-83768287
  • Contact Person:Cathy, Maggie, Sandy, Jason, Ada, Amy,linda
  • Job Title:Business Manager


Name Introduction Size Downloads Update Download
2023 Hualingan New Catalogue.pdf 75.97MB 21 2023-04-04 Download
Android system Audi Q5 function operation flow 9.04MB 643 2017-07-29 Download
Andrews Benz SLK function operation flow 13.56MB 352 2017-07-29 Download
2017 Hualingan Company's brochure 24.51MB 365 2017-06-15 Download
The Android navigation entertainment system for BMW F10 1.38MB 412 2017-05-16 Download
8810/8809 original car and machine interface switching operation.mp4 11.40MB 496 2017-04-28 Download
The navigation entertainment system for Benz C.pdf 4.42MB 428 2017-04-27 Download
2016 Hualingan Company's brochure 2016 Hualingan Company's brochure 18.67MB 476 2017-04-20 Download
NEW Android 5.1 navigation interface instruction Android 5.1 12.71MB 585 2017-04-20 Download
BMW Android User Manual.pdf BMW 8.72MB 562 2017-04-20 Download
Suzuki Jimini Car Navigator loading video Suzuki Jimini Car Navigator loading video 16.78MB 217 2017-04-07 Download
New 2016 Hualingan Company's brochure .pdf 11.44MB 337 2016-09-19 Download
USER manual.pdf Hualingan USER manual 7.24MB 908 2016-08-12 Download
Hualingan Corporate Video Hualingan Corporate Video 41.65MB 332 2016-07-27 Download
SGS Certification Report SGS Certification Report 1.08MB 352 2016-01-07 Download
BMW 3 dvd player iDrive Operation Control Test.mp4 BMW 3 dvd player iDrive Operation Control Test 5.80MB 485 2015-12-11 Download
Volkswagen User Manual Volkswagen User Manual 6.26MB 388 2015-12-04 Download
Suzuki navigatior User Manual Suzuki User Manual 7.01MB 412 2015-12-04 Download
BMW MiNi player User Manual.pdf BMW MiNi player User Manual 12.93MB 487 2015-12-04 Download
Audi user manual Audi user manual 7.24MB 596 2015-12-03 Download


Factory Aftermarket In-Car Entertainment : Android Navigation, Wireless Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Android Screen Upgrade, Multimedia Video Box, Car Video,Car Radio,Car Stereo,Autoradio,DVD Player,    Aftermarket Multimedia Replacement,Auto Radio   
Since its Tounding in 2004, the products have been sold to various countries around the world. 
Address:Hualingan, 2F, Building B, Jiantao Science Park, No. 3, Queshan 2nd Village Industrial Zone, Longhua District, shenzhen, China.​​​​​​​