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Hualingan Audi A8 S8 Autoradios Navigation
Hualingan android GPS Navigations Mercedes-Benz C GLC
Hualingan Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 android car stereo
Hualingan Porsche android radio


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2016 Spring HK Electronics Fair
2015 Spring  HK Electronics Fair
2015 ShenZhen AAITF
2015 Autum HK Electronics Fair
2015 ShenZhen AAITF
2017 October 11-14 HK Autumn Electronics Show AsiaWorld-Expo
April 11-14, 2018 Global Sources HK Electronics Fair


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Aftermarket Upgrading In-Car Entertainment--Through the CAN BUS
New products in 2024:  Android Screen Navigation Upgrade
(1) Small to Big HD Touch Screen Upgrade 8.8"10.25"12.3"14.9"
(2) Android Systems 12.0 /13.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 (MSM6125)
(3) Support Android Auto,Apple CarPlay,Social Media,Web Browsing and Even,Video Chatting,MirrorLink
(4) Support Automotive Navigation Systems,Video Players,USB and Bluetooth Connectivity,WiFi 4G
(5) Support Online Downloading of APPS, Installation of Real-Time Cameras,360 Panoramic Camera
(6) Support Audio Controls,Handsfree Voice Control,Touch Ccreens on Higher-End Units
Hualingan has the advantages of being an enterprise for more than twenty years
We are looking for partners in various countries around the world Hualingan
New products in 2024:  Multimedia Video Interface
1, Android CarPlay Interface (LVDS)
2, Wireless CarPlay Adapter(LVDS)
(1)Android Systems 12.0 /13.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 (Optional)
(2)CarPlay Adapts to Display Sizes and Control Interfaces for Most Vehicle: Touch Screen, Rotary Dials, Buttons, Steering-Wheel Controls, and Hands-Free Microphones.( CarPlay Fullscreen Image)
(3)Connect to Automotive Head Unit Devices Through a LVDS,Does Not Stall or Delay
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Hualingan dvdplayer


Factory Aftermarket In-Car Entertainment : Android Navigation, Wireless Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Android Screen Upgrade, Multimedia Video Box, Car Video,Car Radio,Car Stereo,Autoradio,DVD Player,    Aftermarket Multimedia Replacement,Auto Radio   
Since its Tounding in 2004, the products have been sold to various countries around the world. 
Address:Hualingan, 2F, Building B, Jiantao Science Park, No. 3, Queshan 2nd Village Industrial Zone, Longhua District, shenzhen, China.​​​​​​​