BMW evo id6 apple Carplay upgrade

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    for BMW iDrive 6.0 EVO ID6 Carplay Android Navigation & Android Auto HD Video (Youtube* TikTok*)
    Hualingan HL-204 is an In-Car entertainment and communication system, used to control most secondary vehicle systems in late-model BMW iDrive 7.0 MGU ID7 cars, assisted driving. iDrive Allows the driver ( include front-seat passengers) to touch screen or iDrive knob to operate audio system (radio and CD player) , navigation system (GPS/NAVI) , and the communication system,the climate (air conditioner and heater), HD video (Youtube* TikTok*), online movies, internet radio/TV, wireless carplay, has android auto, Bluetooth Music, Bluetooth phone call, download various Android APPS.
    Model: HL-204
    Qualcomm 665:
    AHD Camera:
    Apple CarPlay:
    Android Auto:
    Screen Upgrade:


Aftermarket Android In-Car Entertainment Navigations: Android System, Apple Carplay, Android Auto,Screen Upgrade, Multimedia Video Box,Headunit Android
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