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for Audi A5 S5 RS5 8T Concert /Symphony 8.8”Touchscreen Android 12 GPS Navigation Apple CarPlay Upgrade Bluetooth Vehicle Backup Cameras aftermarket Radio

Hualingan HL-8875LHD is an Car Entertainment Navigation and Communication System,Bring more conveniences to drivers (for A5/ S5/ RS5 8T 8F Concert Symphony (2008--2016) LHD)
  • HL-8875LHD

  • hualingan


Probably the most desired navigation on the market, dedicated to Audi A5/ S5/ RS5*8T,Being enlightened by version of A5 S5 RS5 8T 8F,Hualingan developed Android System+GPS Live navigation+Apple Caplay Fullscree +Android Auto Mirroring+Video In Motion+Vehicle Backup Cameras+Car Dash Camera+Wifi/4G Hotspot.Combined with Audi Concert /Symphony System,this navgation became a must-have for every car enthusiast out there!

Fits 100% in the following vehicle models:

A5/ S5/ RS5 8T 8F       

Concert Symphony (2008-2016) (LHD)

With Audi Radio Concert/Symphony and an audio AUX-In connection

All original functions are fully retained!

Steering wheel controls and onboard computers are also supported


1, Screen didn't get hot after long-time working

2, Save original car host

3, Separate VBUS

4, Blu-ray anti-glare screen

5, In-built MIC(optional)

Android System: 11.00 or 12.00 (optional)

Android 11.0 MT8788 / Helio P60 8xARM 4XA73 2.0GHz +4XA53 1.8GHz Octa-Core 64-Bit ARM Prozessor

Android 12.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 (MSM6125) 4x ARM Cortex-A53, 4x ARM Cortex-A73,Octa-Core 64-Bit ARM Prozessor upto 2.0 GHz

1, HD touch screen or Blu-ray touch screen or Blu-ray anti-glare touch screen

2, Easily switch between the original and Android system

3, Reversing Track/ Reversing Radar

4, GPS Live Navigation/ Multimedia Music/  Video In Motion/ Bluetooth/ USB/ AUX/ 4G/ WIFI

5, Front and Rear Vehicle Backup Cameras /Car Dash Camera (optional)

6, Optical Fiber Amplifier/ DAB + / digital TV/ obd2 Scanner/ USB Audio Conversion Box (optional)

7, Menu and voice guidance in 28 different languages

8, Android operating system - In principle, any navigation software based on Android can be installed

9, 6+64G, 8+64G, 6+128G, 8+128G (optional)

Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto, Wired Apple CarPlay / Android Auto:

1, CarPlay and Android Auto integrated - Conveniently reflect your mobile phone on the display

2, AirPlay and Android Mirroring cover the fullscreen.

3, Wifi/4G Hotspot: Users can share their files through email, social media sites including Youtube, TikTok,Facebook and Twitter, and via a mobile phone application for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.(GPS, Grid Musicvia, online movies, internet radio/TV, APPS Download)


1, GPS Live Navigation/ Phone Connection is not Necessary

2, Small Screen for Big Screen:8.8 inch Blu-Ray touchscreen(5.8"Original car screen)

HL-1004LHD A4 A5 Functionfor Audi uifor Audi ui videofor Audi ui 2for Audi ui 3for Audi ui 4For Audi ui 5for Audi ui 6

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Aftermarket Android In-Car Entertainment Navigations: Android System, Apple Carplay, Android Auto,Screen Upgrade, Multimedia Video Box,Headunit Android
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