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The new BMW 5 Series installation Andrews audio navigation detailed illustrations

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51 is approaching, and can go out to play, and installed navigation is also more and more, in order to facilitate everyone, from our official website excerpts under this navigation installation tutorial, other models to be updated later, what is not in place please Forgive me

The first step, first remove the central air conditioning outlet, this step is basically the same as all cars

The second step, remove the air conditioning outlet you can look at the parts of the wiring diagram

The third step to the screen at both ends of the screw to screw down

Step 4: Remove the screws and remove the screen

Step 5: Remove the screws on the left and right sides of the keypad

Step 6: Remove the key panel and unplug the connector

Pull the right side of the pull the left side

Step 7: Remove the screws on both ends of the original car CD

Remove the CD host

Step 8: unplug the two sockets, the yellow is the original car USB cable, the red is the original car LVDS line

Step 9: the original car power cord with our harness pair

Step 10: Complete the installation


Reversing rear view with track and radar dual display


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