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The new BMW 1 series installation navigation reversing rear car as heart moving all the way

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The new BMW 1 series installation navigation reversing rear car as heart moving all the way
Automobile has become an indispensable means of life in life, automotive electronics more and more common, car navigation, recorders, reversing and other electronic products has become an essential part of the car.
Adhering to Hua Lingan consistent design style, Hualing An BMW 1 Series large-screen audio and video navigation through synchronization with the original car, the ultimate human technology and vehicle integration. Whether you are calm and distinguished business elite, or the trend of a fashion of people, or the passion of the athletes flying, here can enjoy the pleasure of driving Yue Road.
This paragraph Hualingan BMW 1 Series navigation system based on the Android platform for its vehicle tailored intelligent car navigation system designed to provide users with excellent interactive experience and caring service. Cikuan design concept in the deep embodiment of the software, powerful hardware configuration and intelligent vehicle system perfect integration, to provide users with a comfortable driving experience.
Seamless compatible with Andrews, Apple mobile phones, car and mobile phone synchronization display, 4.7-inch 10.25-inch mobile phone to enjoy the big screen unparalleled sense of fun.


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