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Teach you how to distinguish between car DVD audio navigator

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Teach you how to distinguish between car DVD audio navigator
Car DVD navigation system can be said to be mixed, it is inevitable that owners can see the dazzling, Xiao Bian HuaLingan gave you the amount of the initial amount to introduce how to distinguish between car navigation systems, which specific categories.
First, by car navigation Category:
1, car-specific DVD navigation Hualingan: a machine with a model (most need to remove the original car CD)
2, Universal: box can be modified for a variety of models
3, split machine: car dedicated navigation segmentation products, do not remove the original car CD and other parts, upgrade DVD navigation products
Second, according to the use of functional navigation Category:
1, the traditional handwriting navigation
2, voice navigation:
1), live secret service voice-activated navigation;
A, Bluetooth push-to-talk voice navigation
Advantages: direct use of mobile phone Bluetooth and car navigation host connection, Bluetooth connection for the first time, follow-up will automatically connect. Signal stability, quality and reliable;
B, plus the communication box voice navigation;
Disadvantages: plus communication box, the signal receiving module and a few thousand dollars of mobile phone signal receiving module is unmatched, when the signal is not good area, the phone has a signal and car navigation may not have a signal, resulting in more customer complaints. Another relative to the Bluetooth push-to-talk plus the need to add communication boxes and phone cards, a lot of trouble;


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