Suzuki Jimny Special car DVD navigation perfect match

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Suzuki Jimny Special car DVD navigation perfect match
Hualingan navigation manufacturers specializing in producing high-end car audio and video navigation, navigation can be a perfect match of the original car, really perfect. you deserve to have.
Its basic features are:
TFT high-definition digital screen
TFT high-definition digital screen, 800 * 480 resolution, the latest display processing technology, color performance, high dynamic contrast ratio of great level, to present you high-definition picture quality, enjoy high quality visual feast.
Intelligent digital platform
ARM architecture-based operating system Windows CE smart integrated development, the system run more stable, faster speed, more powerful.
Support high-definition digital television
It can support high-definition digital TV, in driving the process at any time to watch HD programming, the first time to understand the latest global information, to meet the needs of users of all aspects.
Super electronic shock
Exclusive car shock technology, from hardware and software aspects, to ensure the system during normal operation in cars, DVD its reading does not stop, use more smoothly.
Support Rear View
Support after reversing, reversing the owners solve problems, avoid Cache and other troubles, bring more value to the owner.


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