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Russia/Thailand/Indonesia HD Audio & Video digital TV

  • HL-9981

  • Trademark: Hualingan
  • Productivity: 5000
  • Origin: china shenzhen
  • Unit: pcs
  • Min order: 1
  • Payment: T/T
  • Remark:: 1, We will offer free repairing service within One Year from the date you purchased. 2, If damaged is caused by undue wear and tear, dirt, misused, improper installation/operation, accident or repaired by unauthorized person, the warranty becomes void. 3, We will be responsible for one way shipping (from Shenzhen to your place).

 ■ DIP type of DVB-T2 module
 ■ Frequency Range(170MHz~860MHz)
 ■ Size:28.2(W)x51.5(L)x9.1(T)mm
 ■ UART/IR Remote ControlInterface
 ■ Full Compliance with DVB-T Standards(H.264/MPEG2/MPEG4)
 ■ Lower Power consumption
 ■ High Sensitivity
 ■ Voltage input +5V

 ■ Personal Navigation Devices(NAVI/GPS)
 ■ Mobile TV,Car TV
 ■ STB,Home TV Box
 ■ Portable and Handheld Debices with DVB-T2




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Factory Aftermarket In-Car Entertainment : Android Navigation, Wireless Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Android Screen Upgrade, Multimedia Video Box, Car Video,Car Radio,Car Stereo,Autoradio,DVD Player,    Aftermarket Multimedia Replacement,Auto Radio   
Since its Tounding in 2004, the products have been sold to various countries around the world. 
Address:Hualingan, 2F, Building B, Jiantao Science Park, No. 3, Queshan 2nd Village Industrial Zone, Longhua District, shenzhen, China.​​​​​​​