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Qingming holiday Hualingan Car DVD audio-visual navigation guide you prepare this?

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Qingming holiday Hualingan Car DVD audio-visual navigation guide you prepare this?
Benz C car dvd

Ching Ming grave worship is a Chinese tradition, in addition to the family in addition to use this short break to go to the outskirts of excursions is also a good choice, of course, have to travel to beware of security issues, in particular the choice of friends traveling by car, make sure you and your family safe journey. Xiao Bian here to remind you, the rush to his car with a good in-car navigation or the tachograph it! According to Xiao Bian understood that there is something called Hualingan automotive electronic navigation products currently on the market is very good!

Now, with the boost of private car ownership, car navigation systems and various DVD tachograph products have sprung up, for the owners, in the purchase of such high-tech products are often in a "little knowledge" of the state, prone to confusion and confusion, a time when small holiday Qingming, Hualingan to teach you how to choose a good car DVD navigation safety.

First, a good navigation electronic map is the product of its base and core part, so to choose a professional, detailed electronic map products, Hualingan Car DVD audio-visual navigation Kay Rucker and perfectly compatible with high moral map APP, to provide professional, detailed detailed map of national road network and major cities.

Secondly, satellite navigation and positioning in China is a country in the development of high-tech industry, only those security services work best on the market for many years of professional firms, in order to protect the leading edge product technology, in order to provide users with comprehensive, The Hualingan Car DVD audio navigation as one of the high-end car audio and video navigation device manufacturers, has been committed to the development of car audio and video navigation products, and how to be more intelligent, humane, life, diversified products and services to demands on themselves, and these are small businesses and non-professional companies can not match. In addition, the price of the product is a major factor in the purchase of the product owner to consider, the owner will want to buy the product that is economical and affordable, but the results may not be very rewarding. Many of navigation products on the market today, it is not cheap Wumart. This so-called a low price product costs can not be achieved, and its products can be achieved also can imagine. Therefore, Xiao Bian here to remind owners to buy products, do not be blinded by a simple low-cost.


Here to introduce you to several owners, the market is more popular Hualingan brand car DVD audio and video navigation products:

Regulation level car original car style; 7 inches high definition capacitive touch screen, 1024 * 600 resolution; Android5.1 intelligent operating system, massive smart APP application; intelligent voice control, a navigation key and a key on the phone; 3G network / None silk WIFI; 3D navigation maps, mobile interconnection, interoperability interactive; HD tachograph; two full-vehicle information in real-time display; support picture browsing, text reading, PDF reader and HD 1080P video playback and so on.


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