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New Year 's Day driving by self - driving safety precautions

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New Year 's Day driving by self - driving safety precautions

New Year's Day approaching, many car owners will choose to travel by car. For safe driving, the most important thing is driving experience and driving safety awareness. To this end, Hualing Ann sum up a small series of safe driving experience, give you a reminder.

First, try to avoid driving at night

Many drivers do not meet the driver's vision really does not meet the standards, I believe many of the glasses drivers are well aware of it? Therefore, the night driving on the driver's line of sight is very large, vision is also facing a severe test, not only easy to overlook the traffic signs are also easy to miss the entrance lead to the wrong line.

Night sight is not good

Driving at night, especially after midnight, is the easiest time to fall asleep. At this point, because you can not see the road on both sides of the landscape, the excitability of the driver is small, easily lead to driving fatigue. Many accidents occur at night, usually on the highway accidents, due to speed, the accident will be very serious.

Hualing Ann reminded: planning a good driving routes and travel time. Before departure, to do their homework, set out a detailed timetable, try to drive during the day and night rest. If you must hurry at night, then the driving time on the high-speed arrangements at night, and in the national road driving time in the day. Driving process to reduce speed, maintain a safe distance, increase attention, to prohibit fatigue driving.

Second, to prevent fatigue driving

Fatigue driving is a serious traffic offense, the driver fatigue, there will be blurred vision, back pain, action rigid, swollen hands and feet or have energy concentration, unresponsive, thought is not comprehensive, mental slack, anxiety, impatience And other phenomena. If still forced to drive the vehicle, it may lead to traffic accidents.

Traveling by car, ranging from a few hours, as many as day and night, and often take the highway. Driving on the highway, the driver's energy is always in a state of high tension, increased physical exertion, and will unconsciously increase the speed, or even loss of brake deceleration awareness. In this environment for a long time driving the vehicle will feel monotonous, boring, both prone to slack or fatigue. Therefore, the driver does not rest or feel a little tired, do not drive into the highway.

Reminder: scientific and reasonable arrangements for travel time and plan, pay attention to the rest of the way on the road. When driving on the highway, the best in the 1 and a half hours to 2 hours to the nearest service area to take a break. Continuous driving time shall not exceed 4 hours, 4 hours continuous driving, parking must rest for 20 minutes or more. Driving at night for a long time, should be 2 turns driving, alternating rest, driving time per person in 2 to 4 hours, try not to drive at night. In the event of fatigue, although there are many ways to reduce and improve fatigue, but can not fundamentally relieve fatigue, only sleep is to relieve fatigue and restore the most reliable and most effective way.

Third, planning routes to prevent the wrong way

Many riders have been crossing the wrong road junction experience. Take the wrong junction is very troublesome, costly to run a long way, a waste of petrol, spend more tolls, these can only be considered trivial. Take the wrong route often caused by the driver panic confusion at a loss, for the safety of driving hidden danger.

Reminder: find a good map before departure, find out the itinerary, keep in mind the various sub-crossing and the next high-speed exports. Driving process can also allow passengers sitting in the co-pilot holding a map for your navigation tips. Of course, the easiest way is equipped with Kaopu of GPS, set the route ahead of time navigation. If you are using the phone navigation, also prepare the car charger or backup power for your phone. It is noteworthy that, as the phone's screen is small, it is recommended to use voice navigation software or dedicated car audio navigation.

Fourth, to understand the car features

Many drivers may drive home to open a friend's car or rented car. Often a little knowledge of the performance of the vehicle, the vehicle is not familiar with many of the features. Therefore, long-distance driving before the vehicle to be a comprehensive understanding, this is not nonsense, especially GPS, air conditioning, fog, sound and other more common configuration, we must understand beforehand, not driving side of the study, easy to distraction.

5, passing through the service area in time refueling, turn on the water

The car has oil, do not worry about driving. Do not believe the driving computer tips remaining mileage, but depends on the amount of oil shown in the oil table. Now a lot of vehicles driving the computer will display the average fuel consumption, instantaneous fuel consumption and the remaining mileage can be driving and so on. But we must not believe that the remaining mileage can be driven, due to changes in the average fuel consumption, mileage can change the value of the change. Usually in high-speed road driving average fuel consumption is relatively low, driving computer display can be driving mileage is relatively high, and once the road traffic jam average fuel consumption will increase rapidly, this time driving computer display of the remaining mileage is often surprising. (Remaining Driving Range: At the time of the engine operating condition (fuel consumption), the remaining fuel mileage is not equivalent to the actual remaining mileage, this data is immediate.)

Reminder: It is best to use the oil table shows the actual amount of oil as a reference. It is recommended that the oil meter in the vehicle is about to arrive half a box of oil when they began to look for additional fuel. This will not miss the gas station and the vehicle for the oil.

The remaining mileage displayed on the trip computer is for reference only

Turn on the water, we can understand it, that is, people who have a car on the urine do not simmering, to the nearest service area to resolve. Especially driving in the high-speed road, often likely to cause the driver to speeding or non-safety zone parking, which are very dangerous.

Sixth, to avoid hunger Driving driving after dinner

People in the morning is empty belly empty blood sugar naturally low blood sugar can cause dizziness, limb weakness, unresponsive and memory loss, which is often the cause of many accidents. Drivers in the case of low blood sugar to drive, as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Do not starve

Hungry not, not enough to eat. The driver opened the morning of the car, is the physical and mental fatigue, and people more easily drowsy after a meal, in order to avoid the "dangerous 15 minutes", the best rest in the meal. Otherwise barely hurry, the driver is too tired, it is prone to traffic accidents.

Reminder: time to eat, after dinner break for some time. Car prepared food and beverage, in the event of a large traffic jam can cope with a while.

7, carry valuables with

Many owners are used to put some valuables on the car, many people think that on the "remote" luggage compartment or seat can be thieves under the thieves eye, but the loss of pain. More Ma Daha owners will be important items forgotten in the eye-catching instrument panel, luggage compartment partitions or seats above, it is attracting attention, more likely to be stolen. In fact, not only by the owner of the car as a safe is not insurance, and even the "safe" may also be their own no guarantee, the owner of the vehicle security, must not be careless.

Do not put valuables inside the car

Reminder: the best remote door lock after the door. Now the design of the car more and more "fool" "lazy", remote control keys, smart keys and other new technologies to bring convenience to people, but also allow the owner to directly contact with the door to reduce the chance of contact. In many cases, the owner of a door lock trouble, no matter whether the door is really closed. Lock the car after hand pull a few doors, including the lap car door is closed, it is necessary, and see if the side windows and sunroof is closed.

Eight, with the relevant documents items

With the documents may be prepared to prepare. With the documents may be prepared to prepare.

With certificates are prepared

ID card, driving license, driving license, insurance and other documents related to the vehicle is a smooth travel documents the premise of self-driving owners must be carefully checked before the trip to avoid unnecessary trouble. Especially long-distance travel prone to small scraping small rub things, with certificates to successfully solve the problem, do not delay the trip.


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