New Release - Hualingan BMW 1 8.8-inch large-screen audio navigation listing

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New Release - Hualingan  BMW  1 8.8-inch large-screen audio navigation listing
With the rapid economic growth and the rapid development of the automotive industry, consumer demand for automotive entertainment electronic products growing, which greatly stimulated the automotive entertainment electronics market potential, and set the audio and video entertainment, and other multi-functional in-vehicle navigation Entertainment system is bound to become a car entertainment electronic product development trend.
Here we share the latest release of the Hualingan BMW 1  big screen navigation system
This section of the BMW 1 Series big screen navigation system using the latest high-definition crystal color digital display technology, high-resolution 1024 * 600, whether in color saturation, color reproduction or response speed are very good performance in the video And GPS navigation when the color is higher fidelity. Can play DVD / VCD / CD / MP3 / MPEG / CD-R / WMA / JPEG and other popular market format discs.
BMW 1 Series car dedicated precise reverse path handwriting touch Kay Rucker navigation.
Hualing Ann professional modified installation of BMW 1 Series dedicated navigator. The whole process does not destroy the original car line, does not affect the original car warranty, so that owners get GPS navigation, DVD playback, mobile Internet, 3GWifi, Bluetooth hands-free, reversing video systems and other functions of multimedia audio-visual integration.


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