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New Products [two] new Toyota Corolla car DVD navigation

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Professional intelligent video navigation experts Hualingan for you to create a Chinese version of 14 dedicated navigation upcoming Corolla. New inherited the preceding Ralink 8-inch big screen, exudes Hualingan traditional style, a variety of dual-use functions, to bring you the extraordinary experience
Hualingan has been at the forefront of car networking era, to traffic in your life ready to provide all kinds of information necessary for the driver, so you can easily experience the fun of the Internet, navigate comfortably, make intelligent electronic real life pilot car.
The new machine Fitness 3.14 level with the Chinese version of the Corolla model, a perfect match with the original car, do not affect the appearance and original vehicle warranty.
14 Corolla dedicated Navigator, only for you to create! Pick up the phone for your car order! Order Hotline: 0755-83768287!