New ---Hualingan Android GPS navigation device, you deserve!

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New Shu Hualingan Android GPS navigation device, you deserve!
Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, Hualingan give car owners who bring a new batch of Andrews navigator, a large number of new products to enhance the function again, more stable performance, operation
Interface is more user-friendly, the owner had to look at. Integration of professional car navigation, multimedia player, combined with Wi-Fi wireless networking, so GPS satellites
Satellite navigation is no longer just a simple navigation guidance, but new life experience!
 Andrews 5.1.1 system, built-in Android Market you can download and install for free a variety of applications and popular games, navigation intermittent no longer boring
Chat, it can also be used as a tablet, too.
Powerful multimedia features to meet your visual feast, convenience and entertainment both.
Support 1080P resolution, compression through H.264 video technology.
It supports MP3, AAC format music player.
In the new performance Hualingan function has been further improved and upgrade it with a personalized user interface animation variable; high definition digital touch
Screen; supports reverse image track, support the original car steering wheel control; built-in GPS navigation function; Bluetooth phones, Bluetooth speakerphone, A2DP audio
A music player, FM radio function; two-way video inputs, two video output, two channel audio input, three channel audio output; and rear view camera (optional)
Reversing automatically switches the display state, allowing you to travel more secure; digital TV function (optional) at any time for the latest advice.


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