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Interpretation of how to make car navigation accuracy fly

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Interpretation of how to make car navigation accuracy fly
Navigators used a small partner, must have been clear, navigation technology will learn to solve the problem of positioning. Car navigation navigation kinetic energy can not be achieved without navigation satellites, then, car navigation positioning accuracy and positioning speed, we decided whether the quasi-navigator is still allowed, fast or unhappy. Therefore, we need to first find out what factors affect the normal role of car navigation.
First, the factors affecting the navigation positioning accuracy
1, high-rise buildings, mountain valleys, underwater
Satellite positioning, in fact, a systems engineering, the need for space, ground control system, the user equipment part of the three parts play a role, but also play a normal role. (Satellite), ground control system, user equipment (GPS equipment), the distance between them, the signal transmission between the quality of satellite positioning will directly affect the accuracy and speed.
2, GPS device movement speed
We are accustomed to using "erratic" to describe a person tracing hard to find, we are accustomed to using the "dragon see the first but not the end" can not determine a person's position, in fact, sometimes the satellite will encounter the same embarrassment.
We have had this experience, when the vehicle at high speed on the fast-moving, car navigation will suddenly lose positioning capabilities. This phenomenon can still be explained from the principle of satellite positioning, in theory, as long as the same time with three positioning satellite communication, through the ground control system and equipment itself, the device can be positioned.
Second, the factors that affect navigation positioning speed
In general, the signal transmission and location calculation process between the space part (satellite), ground control system and user equipment (GPS device) is a very fast process. The influence factors mentioned here mainly depend on the start of GPS the way.
GPS start mode, divided into two kinds of cold start and hot start. The so-called cold start, is in a strange environment to start GPS until the GPS and satellite contact and calculate the coordinates of the start process. The hot start, is the last shutdown where there is not too much movement to start GPS, but the distance from the last positioning time must be less than 2 hours, by way of the software to do some pre-startup save and shutdown after the start of preparation .


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