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Infrared touch screen car navigation will become the dominant future

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-11-18      Origin: Site

Infrared touch screen car navigation will become the dominant future
For GPS navigation device, the touch has become a standard to use, but by the driving environment and outdoor light, touch screen touch the effect of heat, resistive or capacitive sensitivity of car navigation systems is often disturbed. Then the future of car navigation touch-screen technology trends do?
Answer: Car Infrared touch screen product that uses cutting-edge infrared technology, bringing a touch of new feelings, attracted media attention the industry and consumers warm.
The idea put forward infrared technology is the development trend of the mainstream car navigation touch screen product, I can not help thinking, this day will be when the mainstream?
Touch screen technology has been widely used in the market are mainly resistive touch screen technology, capacitive touch screen technology, infrared touch screen technology. Resistive screen with a long time will produce drift, the correction is also very laborious; and when there is no electrostatic hand, capacitive screen can not be controlled. But these phenomena have no pressure infrared screen.
First, infrared touch screen with high transparency: Compared with the installation of the capacitive and resistive touch screen of the display screen color fuller, good contrast, improve user visual comfort;
Secondly, infrared touch screen does not require touch pressure, wear gloves also operate freely. Multi-touch up 10 points, no matter what you touch an object can be carried out. Daytime visibility in daylight is high, low power consumption, moderate prices, compared to the capacitive screen, resistive screen high cost.
Third, work and storage temperature to meet a variety of harsh working conditions onboard, the arctic regions of extreme heat, both allow users to manipulate smooth, painted heart action; and reaction speed precision, on-site experience is indeed the case, I feel fast and smooth, compared to resistance screen and capacitive screen has a victory posture!
The fourth point: waterproof infrared touch screen scale. Less than 0.6mm dirt work, even in this infrared screen surface sprinkled with water, simply wipe it, can work, will not be affected.
To sum up, the infrared screen, high cost, the features are very out of color, become the future mainstream products is inevitable, but the popularity of the product will mature after time how long is not yet assured.


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