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Hualingan ordinary cars special car DVD navigation one machine Reviews

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-08-31      Origin: Site

Hualingan ordinary cars special car DVD navigation one machine Reviews
Now car DVD navigation host, increasingly toward the development of multi-functional, integrated applications on the host, more and more contrast, the cost of such hosts, is also rising. In fact, a considerable part of the user's most frequently used functions, only basic functions such as navigation radio music. For them, if the host vehicle basic well, is a good product. Hualingan of dedicated machines, is such a skills-oriented car DVD navigation one machine.
  Overall manufacturing process on the host, Hualingan dedicated DVD navigation system to maintain its high quality performance. The outer edge of the panel used with the original car color consistent gray material, with piano paint the inside of the panel, between the buttons and knobs chrome decorative material, and quite match the original car interior style. On the key technology, its solid feel, side to side, did not show significant dummy bit, the whole assembly is high quality. Knob damping moderate, clear sense of place, grainy mild.
   This special DVD navigation system Andrews system boot speed about 10 seconds, due to its relatively versatile, radios and other motorists frequently used functions, the same huge digital clock placed in the driver's left side for easy reading. Bluetooth system is arranged on the right, video and other convenient passenger entertainment features, the interface may seem simple, in fact, been carefully arranged.
     This special DVD navigation system belonging to focus on the basic functions of the host, and thus the performance of its basic functions become the focus of our investigation. In the radio section, the radio station search speed and stability are indeed superior, clear sound, even in some places poor signal environment, can still maintain a better reception. In the navigation area, this special DVD navigation system uses a high rate of installed Kay Rucker maps, although not the 3D version, but its star performance search and navigation accuracy is quite good, perfectly adequate for everyday use.
    It appears on the screen, this special DVD navigation system performance quite satisfactory. Lower the screen brightness in strong sunlight environment see the situation appears. Touch performance, its touch accuracy performance is quite good, but the menu response speed Pianman. In video playback tests, the screen of the same color performance of law-abiding, belong to the middle reaches of the performance of all aspects of resolution, brightness, sharpness, and so on.
And this special DVD navigation system is also set up to display the original car air conditioning information, support the original car side control when driving, the driver hands on the steering wheel can manipulate the host to ensure driving safety.
Conclusion Comments: Hualingan dedicated DVD navigation system, belonging to a focus on the practical use basic functions of car navigation host.


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