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Hualingan ordinary car special DVD navigation can phone Internet friends - let your car Duang ~~~ level rise

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Hualingan ordinary car special DVD navigation can phone Internet friends - let your car Duang ~~~ level rise
Your car is still loaded ordinary navigator it?
         You OUT it! 
             In addition there WINCE6.0 Hualingan brand navigation system, Android phone system can interconnect friends, you know? Make your car suddenly on tall.
      Hualingan Toyota Corolla, Hyundai I20 Renault models such as the Internet can phone you, so that ordinary car flew over the high-end, in addition to the basic navigation functions, but also can freely operate any APP platform on your phone, you can also send SMS on the navigation, cinema, for example 1. The machine features: radio, music, video, intelligent navigation, photos, shorthand, Bluetooth hands-free calls and other regular features; 2. Mobile Internet: Mobile car machine screen interactive, mobile car machine network share, phone vehicle computer playback video, mobile audio playback vehicle computer, cell phone use car-side custom add like. Hualingan dedicated car navigation systems, the line is not broken, do not change the original car line, the configuration of the original car jack, panel seamless installation, 4S shop specifically for real. Order Hotline: 0755-83768285, such a good product, so new technology, such a good fiscal machine, could not grasp.
Brand: Hualingan / Hualingan
Suitable car: Toyota, Hyundai, Renault, etc.
Processor: High-performance dual-core processor
Operating system: Andrews
LCD screen: digital screen Han float Regulation
Movement Support: DVD / VCD / HVCD / MP4 / MP3 / CD / AVI / DIVX
Navigation Memory: 1G + 8G cache
Navigation USB: support external USB 2.0
Navigation Bluetooth: compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones Bluetooth music playback


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