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Hualingan Mercedes - Benz GLA intelligent audio - visual navigation system evaluation

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Hualingan Mercedes - Benz GLA intelligent audio - visual navigation system evaluation

Navigation GLA navigation evaluation

For the current high-end models, although the original car has its own navigation, but due to the limitations of own navigation, such as navigation upgrades expensive, less functional, and now many manufacturers will aim at this direction, to meet consumer demand , Developed a variety of high-end models of small screen for large screen upgrade system, specifically to solve the original car less functional phenomena, recently Xiaobian access to the latest products Hualing Ann, it is suitable for a variety of Mercedes-Benz cars, This is done with Mercedes-Benz GLA for the actual experience.

Today Xiaobian made a special trip to introduce you to Shenzhen Hualingan Technology Co., Ltd., take you to look at the Mercedes-Benz GLA series car navigation exactly what kind of long.

Support 1024 * 600 HD resolution, multi-point controllable touch screen, to the owner to bring a substantial demand. Mercedes-Benz GLA navigation for Mercedes-Benz GLA series, Mercedes-Benz owners to provide a dedicated car navigation. 9-inch screen, the right screen size, will not be too much space, nor too small to see the data.

Industry-exclusive touch-control for all functions

To achieve the first full-touch navigation, all functions on the screen a touch to open, without return. Exclusive industry can touch all the functions of the original car, such as radio, Bluetooth, CD, USB and so on.

The original car reversing trajectory is clearly visible

HDMI high-definition video input port, remove the noise, leaving only the soundtrack movie sound, like a movie theater to your personal experience. Mercedes-Benz GLA navigation to support the original car reversing trajectory, reversing the image dynamic display reversing trajectory, the trajectory changes with the direction of the wheel, accurately shows the rear end of the track, to assist the owner easily reversing. The original car reversing trajectory with intelligent reversing trajectory. Body position reference. Warning line prompts three prominent features.


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