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Hualingan Andrews Navigator loaded to force you bring with you fly

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Hualingan Andrews Navigator loaded to force you bring with you fly
        With economic ties building of roads, more frequent inter-city, car navigation systems is very important, accurate positioning, navigation, and entertainment-in-one navigation to better meet the needs of owners, as the basic equipment on board. Especially Andrews navigator appears, make us greater choice.
       Andrews fitted to the car navigation device, your driving experience is definitely a notch at the meeting, whether it is watching the map, or to see high-definition video, that experience and original old navigator can say that compared to bad days to do. Want to experience the feeling of driving on a tall, you have to choose the right navigator. However, faced with a large number of navigation, what Andrews Navigator loaded to force you to bring with you to fly it? Here's to Hualingan Andrews navigator give you an example to explain in detail.
First: the operating system must be new
Android 4.4 and above must be the operating system, Android 4.4 .4 run against memory usage has been optimized to run smoothly even on some of the old section only 512MB RAM of the phone. It also further optimize the system is running low with hardware. Hualingan specially equipped for the navigator to run large memory, 2GB of redundancy design ensures navigator keep optimum speed, never Caton! Way to take you fly high, fly far, fly fast.
Second: Support WiFi fast Internet access
Remember the old wince navigator is how to upgrade it? A word, tired. You need to come and remove the memory card repair shop to upgrade, upgrade or hack their own, it is time consuming and unsafe. And now the latest android navigator with wireless communication capabilities, the use of the card 3G, anytime, anywhere access to download data, to update the map it is simply a piece of cake. You can also set up a small LAN wifi in the car, so the car's mobile phone users can access for free. Now people on earth can consequently missing, it is not the lack of wifi.
Third: navigation map Xpress
Navigation map navigation course, the soul, and now Andrews navigator can actually have more than one soul! Yes, Hualingan Andrews navigator comes in addition to the navigation map Kay Rucker, you can also install your own multiple navigation map inside, the most amazing is that they can actually live in harmony, complementary interference, strong visible Andrews system is evident.
Fourth: video decoding capabilities must be stronger
When it comes to HD video playback naturally to mention the navigator with features, the previous wince navigation in this one is weak, the processor is not to force, plus the screen is relatively small, you want cool movies is not possible. Now Hua Ling An Android machine, comes with 4-core processor, HD video uncertain about what? Not to mention the 1080P video, even 4k video, as smooth playback. Car theater at Andrews navigator finally realized.
Fifth: Bluetooth Internet
This functional before the old navigator have, indeed essential function, can not look down upon it. A cell phone while driving was arrested consequence is deducted 2 points penalty 200. Half tank of fuel so gone! This feature should be standard for all navigation systems are Hua Ling An Andrews navigator equally. Never worry about missed wife Chagang phone!
Sixth: Rear view function
Hualingan navigator is also equipped with a rear view assist system, which is a cutting-edge feature, linked to reverse gear when the vehicle navigation screen display automatically switches back view camera captured images, perfect to monitor traffic in the rear, to avoid the blind spot to facilitate the owners vehicular parking.
Seventh: Mobile Internet capabilities
 Hualingan install Navigator can achieve with mobile phone connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity with the traditional entirely different, he can achieve with the car phone interoperable machine, the machine can be displayed directly operate the car phone, you can not pull out your phone, you can directly on the machine in the car control your phone, so you do not miss any important information and a file.
With these features, you drive on the road can put 100 heart, any demons are not close, open by the Chinese Lingan Andrews navigator, you are afraid Gesha! Of course, the most important thing is that you never get lost !


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