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Hualingan 15 Mercedes-Benz Smart Andrews big screen video navigation system reviews

Views: 7     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-04-18      Origin: Site

Hualingan 15 Mercedes-Benz Smart Andrews big screen video navigation system reviews
 With the advent of the era of smart cars, car audio navigation industry, the major brands have launched the Android version of DVD video navigation. Hualingan not the first to launch Andrews intelligent navigation of the manufacturers, even in Andrews car
When the machine has become the hot trend, we do not see Hualingan involved. Many manufacturers followed the influx of Andrews car machine has been quite a long time, but stuck in the bottleneck of technology, always difficult to capture this city
Field, overall sales Andrews car machine is still not optimistic.
Andrews car machine has even thousands of hard to extremely difficult, but you can not deny Andrews car audio navigation is a trend Product Development. Faced with difficult to pry Andrews car machine market, Hualingan did not rush to seize the market
Machine, but after more than one year after the technology accumulated precipitation, recently launched a heavy Hualingan Android 5.1 machine car, Mercedes-Benz Smart, Mercedes-Benz CLA, Porsche Cayman pocketed the attention of the crowd. We work together
What to see whether it has a unique advantage.
A quad-core A9 1.6G, into the era of high-speed navigation
Hualingan Release 5.1 system Andrews car machine, Mercedes-Benz Smart, Mercedes-Benz CLA, Porsche Cayman ultra top-level configuration, the latest 1.6GHz quad-core ARM A9 processor, 2GB DDR3 integrated dynamic memory
, Android 5.1 operating system, high-end system configuration.
 Two 9-inch large screen console Extraordinaire
Hualingan Benz Smart with 9-inch screen triumph in the center console, allowing owners to get a broader perspective and a better visual effect in domestic car audio navigation system is a major breakthrough.
 Third, the high-resolution capacitive screen, high-quality enjoyment
9-inch large screen, the vision is enough breadth, precision is satisfied with it? This does not need to worry, Hualingan big screen Andrews native screen resolution up to 1024 * 600, the screen display is crisp and clear, and the use of
The high-definition multi-touch capacitive screen, compared with a fingernail to get a touch screen resistive touch screen capacitive touch experience and capabilities are more comfortable.


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