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How to choose car DVD video navigation very important

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How to choose car DVD video navigation very important
Navigator appeared to save a large number of owners is not strong sense of direction, and now the majority of car navigation has become necessary to choose the car owners. But the market navigation products are numerous, many of them cottage, inferior products. How in the end you should choose car navigator?
1, brand choice
Branding is a guarantee of quality merchandise, not built up overnight on. When purchasing navigation should select the right brand, not because freeloaders to buy cottage brands, cottage manufacturers can not be obtained through normal channels, the latest navigation maps informal, after-sales problem is not guaranteed.
In addition, the cottage navigation, poor navigation will continue to exist stealing electricity, radiation harassment, electrostatic harassment and other issues. Some time ago, CCTV "Weekly Quality Report" exposure of the inferior car navigation exist "stealing electricity" phenomenon, nine days run out of the car battery. Staff in the market then buy 20 well-known brands of 20 products for comparison tests. Finally we found in 20 test samples, only seven tested samples passed all tests. The radiation is likely to cause harassment brake failure, this is a life-threatening problem!
Therefore, be sure to choose the optional navigation guaranteed well-known brands, such as automotive electronics industry leaders - Hualingan.
2, search star speed
Generally speaking, easy to use navigation search star is no more than a minute. If you comply with this, explain navigator configuration also good. Some no-name navigator to half an hour to search the, stuff basically thrown away.
3, functional configuration
GPS navigation systems increasing the types of functions, a favorite of attention is navigation capabilities, including search star speed, destination search, route calculation, and the road network data, etc. In addition the plus side, of course, the help journey Life is better, there is such a high-quality, multi-functional navigator accompanied the journey will enrich more colorful.
4, after-sales service
Navigation service is the most critical aspect of the product, but also the people most concerned about the link, such as system software upgrades, map revision, battery life and other issues, all people need to be resolved in a timely manner. Therefore, service providers have a sound service system, consumers will be able to enjoy the satisfaction of service. Hualingan truly quality security.


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