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How to buy rest assured that the car GPS Navigation

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How to buy rest assured that the car GPS Navigation
Also note that in the purchase of car navigation systems, in addition to pay attention to the brand of the navigator car navigation map. Now many manufacturers of GPS navigation map. Staff with GPS navigation GPS "get lost" mostly because of the use of pirated maps.
 It is understood that the general price of some well-known manufacturers of car GPS navigation systems are more expensive, but mostly with genuine map, a free upgrade to the new version of the map function. The prices are relatively cheap navigator, material, workmanship, etc. is not bad, because they do not map with genuine price will be more than a difference of thousands.
 There are two basic strokes identification method, you can determine if you are using GPS navigation map is not piracy. "Navigation function, usually a map is sufficient, up to a map as a regional supplement if there is a machine over the map, then the likelihood is pirated products. Fact, purchasing genuine map very few manufacturers, and other manufacturers are generally purchase a genuine map ".


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