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Does Apple Car Play Become The Car Standard Accessories?

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Does Apple Car Play Become The Car Standard Accessories?
Recently, I found that many company would publicize their new car supporting Apple navigation system Car play before it come into the market.Not only import car brand Ferrari , Mercedes-Benz, but also the a joint venture car brand Volkswagen ,Hyundai, even Chinese car brand MG and Geely, they all begin use Car play in their car navigation system.In accordance with this development,there are no new cars without car play and car play will be car standard accessories just like ABS.I find some data, Apple Car play appear on the market in 2014. After two years, it is uncommon that this consumer electronics arouse a shock on automotive industry.
Therefore,Car play was attract me. What is Apple Car play? Why it can spread rapidly? Can it become the car standard accessories? Which models assemble this Car play? Does it perfect?With these questions I begin to find the answer?
What is Apple Car play?
Recently ,I have several experience on Car play on the new car test drive. Firstly, you have to have a i-phone with ios 7 system connecting car navigation system by USB.Next , using the control button on the screen to achieve phone basic function. You can use Siri voice assistant to broadcast iTunes music , use Apple map navigation and massage service. Using Car play , the driver can listen voice mail without hands. Touching driving control panel as the same as touch phone screen easily.
Why Apple Car play can spread rapidly?
Because the high-speed promoting of Car play ,the main car factory in the world announce they will support Car play for their cars in the future. Even it will be a trend of car standard accessories soon after.Why Car play can spread rapidly? I think the reason is so complex. With my deeply thinking, I find something about that:
The First, the development of car gps system lags behind. Evolution of automotive systems falls behind the iterative update of mobile phones. Because the development cycle of a car is generally more than five years in research and development at the beginning, then in accordance with the technical standards for design and development. The mobile phone has now become fast moving consumer goods. Two years ago, mobile phones can even not be used because of its running slowly. So, after a car market, its car entertainment information system often does not work well.
The second, car is more complex than a cell phone about use environment, the mobile phone is portable. While the car is in contact with the ground, the car manufacturers to consider when developing a vehicle at high temperatures, arctic, complicated road conditions can still guarantee the normal driving. So the more advanced information systems, the more complex, its reliability cannot be guaranteed. Smart phones are currently in use ultra-narrow frame, but the latest Mercedes-Benz models in the control of the screen frame are too wide.
The Third, talk about mobile phone usage. It estimated that many owners just like me, do not use car navigation, but mobile navigation, and listen to music in their phone. Because I have become accustomed to using a cell phone with a handy map real-time traffic updates, music storage easily. Car map usually need to download traffic information to the vehicle in advance, and if we need to pay the cost of collecting real-time updates traffic, which is not cost-effective. And we're accustomed to using a USB interface to charge in the car player.
The Fourth, More and more people choose to use apple phone. Apple mobile phone subscriber growth rate was faster than the growth of car users. According to the survey, over 50% of Apple users have college degree or above. These people's income is generally relatively high, and it is lot about the possibility to buy a car in the future. Therefore, car manufacturers are willing to attract these potential users. 
The Fifth, it will not increase too much cost to support Car play automobiles. The advantage of Car play is that the mobile phone is equivalent to the host; the screen of car dvd player is equivalent of the screen display. It does not cause additional technical burden on manufacturers, without additional cost burden on them. But The Car play is not only a applicable items in car, but it can attract more customers .
What are cars that are equipped with Apple's Car play currently?
There are many types of car that are equipped with Car play, such as the brands of import and joint venture. I mainly talk about a few Chinese brands here. The SAIC Roewe 360 is the first Chinese brand that is equipped with Car play and then Ji Li Boyue, Imperial GS, many models of MG and the sharp lines.
Although there are not many Chinese brands that are equipped with Apple's Car play, it is an irreversible trend. Because the testing drive of several new cars that I participate in recently, which support Car play, what is more, manufactures take it as selling point. In my opinion, it is not a coincidence.  
Will Car play become the standard of all cars?
The fundamental reason that Car play is becoming more and more popular is that we are increasingly dependent on mobile phones. mobile phones are occupied with almost all of our time. To be frank, the main function of Car play is that it is more convenient for driver to use phone while driving. Therefore, Car play will become more and more popular as long as we still rely on our phone every day.
Are there any disadvantages of Car play? 
There is no perfect technology when it appears, so is Car play. In my opinion, Car play has several disadvantages. First, it only can support the own native application of Apple and can’t support third-party applications. Second, there is no way for Car play to operate the driving operation. Third, for example, the higher automotive systems of BMW MMI have tried to operate with a gesture in the new 7 Series and Car play may not be the convenient choice. 


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