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Car DVD common faults and solutions (二)

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Car DVD common faults and solutions (二)
1, navigation prone to crashes, and other undesirable?
Host can got into the navigation screen, as long as the navigation appears otherwise undesirable, can be re-upgraded navigation software.
2, in some places there is no navigation line or not?
a) According to the relevant provisions of the state map software management, the state government organs and units, airports and some special place is not displayed on the map out.
Map Company collected map data standards are: information collection point will need to have at this time more than four years, and this information should be larger point. Like storefront or accounts Peng those interim basis, the map is not the point of the information collected.
b) Maps version is too old, need to be upgraded.
3, the navigation no signal is received, unable to locate?
a) first of all to determine the navigation antenna is put in the position required not something metal, like iron cover, but after a navigation antenna is covered with something metal, like iron, will signal to shut off the screen, so that the host did not Act normal signal is received.
b) Should the antenna on the car, that car glass will not stick metal film, if the original car has been affixed with a metal film, then we need to put the antenna outside the car.
Whether c) near the tower, or the car has not mounted on something other types of emission, the signal transmitter will be shaped like the electrical signal in response to the receiving host.
d) In the high-rise buildings, tunnels, underground car park and in bad weather conditions so that the host can not receive satellite signals.
e) navigation restore factory settings
If after the above steps are done, the host has not received a signal, and back to a new GPS antenna is not good, then it can only be said to be the host can not receive the signal, not positioning.


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