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Buy car audio navigation emphasis on quality and after-sales

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-01-20      Origin: Site

Buy car audio navigation emphasis on quality and after-sales

 With the increasing popularity of cars, auto attendant car navigation has become an essential accessory. Faced with the complicated car audio navigation market, how to choose the right car audio navigation it? Xiao Bian recommended to buy car audio navigation navigation should value the quality and after-sale and must not freeloaders.
 Most buy car audio navigation Most riders will choose the original navigation, and navigation of the original price is much higher than the general manufacturers of navigation. So it is necessary to buy original navigate it? "Original navigation costs and general navigation is almost the same.
 With the development of technology, more and more versatile version Duo Anzhuo navigation systems abound. Buy car navigation systems, first thing to note is the electronic map, no electronic maps, navigation is a misnomer. Many owners in the purchase Navigator, too much value if it has MP3, MP4, portable video players and other additional features, while ignoring its core navigation function, which is upside down.
 According to reports, a car navigation function is good or bad depends on Star Search speed, navigation map quality. Star Search speed is one of the important aspects of the performance measure navigator, good quality navigation search star speed less than a minute. Those cottage GPS navigator, search star speed is very slow, and some outrageous navigator need ten minutes of time.
 Currently, many owners will choose to buy from online car navigation, the reporter found that the same type of car navigation systems, network price indeed much lower than the actual store you want, and online shopping for car navigation is very attractive.


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