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After loading car DVD navigation market status quo and future development direction of resolve

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After loading car DVD navigation market status quo and future development direction of resolve
DVD navigation more and more bad, low-margin, highly competitive, that is profitable, and more competition, some manufacturers for three months did not go to the channel, the channel may result been doing for a few brand a. Sales warranty from the initial year, and channels in order to attract consumers, and later extended to two years or even three years ... for manufacturers and channels, the high cost of starting up, increasing competition, more profits low, so the business is bad.
        Whether a business is selling an aircraft carrier, or support a roadside stalls selling fruit pancake, there is no money to be difficult to sustain. All popular argument is not the truth of it? DVD navigation really no money to make it? Waiting for closing time?
 As can be seen from the table above, pre-installed and associate an increasing proportion of pre-installed, and the traditional after-loading channel accounted for getting lower and lower, and can not be ignored is that the rise of O2O network platform such as, in recent years, almost doubling , it is foreseeable that the proportion of sales network platform will gradually rise.
DVD navigation from birth, and dedicated to the first car three or four years, its profits are relatively high. Because of high profits attract all the armies flocked to an imbalance between the state of the market, the price war is the characterization. I remember a year, Europe and China has done an activity in the terminal large banners, dedicated machine 2980 yuan, 1980 yuan universal machine. In today's prevailing conditions DVD navigation market point of view, the price is not low.
Another round of price wars, like other enterprises greatly Huayang bargain, since the entire DVD navigation market prices have been killing beyond recognition. Of course, there are a lot of natural raw materials and component costs decline, such as maps, memory cards, IC, screen, and so, eventually DVD navigation products showed today's price level. Taobao and Lynx, for example, most of the shops in the product price is maintained at between 1200-2000, a small number of products to more than 3000, the other in 2500 to maintain and down.
Falling prices, the biggest benefit is to promote universal DVD navigation market, and expand the overall market share, the downside is the low average profit margin of the industry, so that we unprofitable? This had to talk about.
Manufacturers profitable?
599 universal machine (with movement), which may be the lowest price in the industry, and this price can bring shipments, while driving sales of specific machine, allowing the plant to maintain stable operation. Factories did know that, once opened it can not be stopped, unless the funding strand breaks, like last year, Huizhou factory incident. Three or four years ago, DVD navigation facility to achieve a certain scale, the management do basic regulatory compliance, the need for shipments of 5000 in order to maintain healthy functioning. Now DVD navigation margins, the size is estimated to reach 10,000 units. According to preliminary statistics, the current can reach and exceed this amount about 15 manufacturers, companies operating in this section is smooth, there is a certain profit to do that. For them, DVD navigation is still profitable.
It is noteworthy that, as well as a small number of small-scale DVD navigation manufacturers do very low prices, but also to live well. The reason is that they are the boss-oriented enterprises, in addition to the basic labor costs, overall expenses are small, profit is not doing bad.
I believe there is a certain amount of DVD navigation manufacturers should be fully understood, when the standard, system, process, system set up, the management costs of consumption is very impressive. Although some manufacturers have great sales, profitability is also good, but it has been said a lot of pressure, in fact, refers to this.


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