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Advantages of the development trend of the development of the three cars: depth development adaptation is the key

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Advantages of the development trend of the development of the three cars: depth development adaptation is the key

Android is the Internet industry giant Google announced on November 5, 2007 based on the Linux platform for open source mobile phone operating system name, the platform from the Linux operating system core layer, Android system framework layer, UI framework layer and many Android applications, Is the first mobile Internet terminal to create a truly open and complete mobile Internet operating system, is widely used in smart phones and the recent rise of the Tablet PC field.

As an emerging mobile Internet operating system, Android was originally designed for smartphones, but because of its own mobile Internet properties, strong scalability and openness, and Google from the release of the current version of the upgrade to give it Extremely powerful vitality and unlimited competitive potential to attract more and more terminal electronic devices using the open Android platform as its operating system.

The rapid development of Android has also caused the car equipment manufacturers a strong interest, in order to expand more markets and services, more and more powerful car manufacturers will use Android as the basic operating system for automotive equipment. But as mentioned above, Android has so far been mainly designed for mobile phones and operating system, does not apply to the car. To be able to meet the user experience and operating habits of vehicle equipment, but also compatible with the characteristics of Android, that is, mobile Internet, third-party software expansion, openness and more "Hyun", more "cool", more stylish user experience, It is necessary to carry out the depth of the secondary development, as the basic open source operating system, Android also provides us with such a possibility.


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