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mercedes Benz CLS E SLK (09~12)for AUTO Radio Fibre Optics Adapter Most Bus Soundsystem

Car Radio Fibre Optics Adapter Most Bus Soundsystem for Benz ML /GL /R /Porsche
auto Radio Fibre Optics Adapter Most Bus Soundsystem for Benz ML /GL /R /Porsche
  • HL-802

  • hualingan


Mercedes Benz: CLS E SLK (09~12)

a head unit replacement interface for compatible Mercedes Benz vehicles:
1,Equipped with an external M.O.S.T. fiber optic amplifier (AUDIO GATEWAY).
2,The module allows the factory amplifier, speakers and sound quality to be retained when adding a modern aftermarket radio.
 3,NOTE: Other components in the factory system, such as a CD changer, satellite radio, telephone module, DVD player, or any other factory component in the M.O.S.T loop, will not function after the installation.
4,Vehicles with M.O.S.T. amplifier.

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