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The original car DVD navigation so many advantages what are you waiting for?

Views: 20     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2015-10-15      Origin: Site

The original car DVD navigation so many advantages what are you waiting for?
I believe the owners have friends who have had such doubts why the special car DVD navigation is more expensive, but the price is relatively low GPS navigator, not only choice is to navigate it? Mobile navigation map now, why car navigation market is still high heat it?
First, special car DVD navigation is based on different models of matching the appearance of mold design and original car, and more compatible with the original car, and the interior will not produce an alien feeling, whether it is a mobile phone, or GPS navigator Car navigation can not do this integration the essence of them.
In one aspect of the hardware, car DVD navigation both from the inside to the outside surface box or, chips, etc. are based on the standard, anti-temperature, seismic performance car regulatory level are very good, normal operation can be a good guarantee navigation unit will be affected.
Car DVD navigation hardest in so compatible CAN protocol, but in order to achieve the original car features on-board navigation display, support steering wheel control, depending on the depth of the design models need in the UI and appearance, and this is another of the It can not be compared.
In order to consider in the car driving the process of security, Bluetooth answer the phone, a key navigation, and so are consumers moving to better focus on safety considerations.
Comments: Car DVD navigation has been able to share most of the automotive electronics market is also reflected in a demand for quality on the cell phone, etc. can not be done, and car DVD navigation also tend to be more intelligent, tachograph, tire pressure monitoring , gravity sensor etc. functions, time for the owners to provide the best security in different situations.


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