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Resolve to purchase a separate DVD navigator can install it yourself

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Resolve to purchase a separate DVD navigator can install it yourself
Owners have asked if I purchase online navigator can install it yourself? In general, if there is no other optional features, only one machine is mounted can install yourself, but if you have purchased the optional function car machine (such as rear view), it is recommended to go to the beauty shop to install.
Q1. If they install, it will affect other parts warranty?
Almost all want to change the car machine friends will ask: if they converted, it will affect other parts warranty do "maintenance manual exemption regulations, all involving modification deprotection process." That is from the vehicle warranty?. However, after the warranty period do not care.
Q2. How to remove the original car host processing?
Modified car DVD navigation one machine there is a problem: the original car was removed to the host how to deal with change. Xiao Bian asked some host companies, they both said a lot of trouble, do not want to recycle. Even if the host companies disassemble upgrade those CD players, not only have the technology, but also digestive channel new markets, and the high cost, profit recovery less than the cost of manpower and material resources.
Q3. Troublesome own equipment to save money, the store is not mounted save money
Many owners may feel that purchase products online, then go to the store installed will save a lot of money, in fact, the store closed installation fee plus the cost of the machine you buy, the price is not much difference, but if you own equipment, you can still province a little bit.
Q4. Tools need to install their own
Search Interior Rocker tools on the Internet or with a lot, and the price is not expensive, if it is their accessibility, buy a rocker tool is necessary. Of course, in addition to interior rocker, also need screwdrivers, screwdriver purchase not expensive.


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