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Hualingan new smart new Mercedes-Benz smart car audio and video navigation

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Hualingan new smart new Mercedes-Benz smart car audio and video navigation
Hualingan new smart new Mercedes-Benz smart car audio navigation, 9 inch capacitive screen, Android 4.4.4 operating system, 4-core 1.6GHz CPU, 16G memory, non-destructive installation genuine original protocol support built-trajectory is conditioned door information display 3D information display support Party control!
Benz SMART navigation features:
Flavor of the original car, docking socket, non-destructive installation is fully compatible with the original car
Function, support the original car steering wheel control, with the original car perfect match;
Unique storage capabilities, enabling the machine, U disk, SD card three
Copy and play with each other;
Backlight brightness control, support for more than one machine diagram, arbitrary DIY;
Balance of 100 Game Consoles (gamepad optional);
Chinese MP3 song and singer Videos of display, multi-player mode;
Software upgrades can provide value-added services.
3D photo navigation
Three-dimensional navigation, intelligent voice prompts, real intersection indicator, automatic search path planning, comprehensive national show
Major urban intersection, realistic images, clearly showing the actual road conditions, make travel easier and make life more convenient.
High-definition screen display
HD digital screen, Smart touch, bilingual selection,
Day and night two video display modes,
Along with off-screen function,
More humane.
Multifunction Play
Set GPS navigation, DVD, radio, Bluetooth hands-free,
MP3, MP4 player and other functions into one.
Powerful business applications compatible Unlimited
You can directly browse Word, PDF, Excel, PPT, TXT and other common
OFFICE office software and BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG and other image formats.
Human interface design
Unique calendar, clock and holiday reminders, make security and happiness, life and driving integration.
Optional features
Bluetooth, reversing visual, iPod, digital TV and so on. Bluetooth handsfree, traffic on the way,
Safety Answering miss important calls. Rear view, accurately grasp the back roads, easy parking, put the heart to stop.
exclusive iPod interface back, leading the fashion trend of life. Mobile TV first alerted the world, and the moment when the world
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