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Hualingan Toyota Series dedicated Navigator to bring you a new experience

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Hualingan Toyota Series dedicated Navigator to bring you a new experience
Hualingan Toyota Series dedicated navigator, carefully pay attention to every detail, breakthrough technology, focusing on each function. Enlighten the future, every time continue to go beyond, bringing a new product experience.
1024 * 600 HD capacitive screen
      Hualingan Toyota Series dedicated Navigator, a comprehensive upgrade of the visual experience, the use of 1024 * 600 HD capacitive touch screen, the use of highly sensitive touch technology, high recognition rate, touch, handwriting smoothly and quickly, refusing to hand off the pen, farewell press screen phenomenon.
Powerful U disk playback function
      Standard USB expansion interface, support for USB / AUX function, full support AVI / RMVB / MP3 and other mainstream audio and video formats, support for audio and video hardware decoding technology. Inside, the heart of the watch.
Enjoy the journey and perplexed
     Hualingan Toyota Series dedicated navigation new listing. Equipped with the latest navigation systems, the latest Kay Rucker navigation, wide coverage, even to remote places, it is possible to accurately find the destination. Geometric real intersection, complex interchange true color graphic display, Novice, nor suffer complex sections. The road between the city suburbs, enjoy the journey Wyatt middle age.
Bluetooth wireless transmission
      Bluetooth player, not only let you go, wireless answer the phone, you can also listen to mobile music Xpress, a car trip to the colorful life of fun and convenient.
Multimedia Player
       Support iPod, MiniSD card, multimedia player and enjoy unlimited listening to music.
Human intelligence interface
      User-friendly interface, simple and elegant, easier to control, while the user can set the wallpaper of freedom, freedom to define the interface style. And provides multi-language selection, loving owners of foreign language can also be converted heart.
Ten-segment EQ
      Hualingan Toyota Series dedicated navigator, with DSP digital sound processing technology, the decomposition of the low treble, form 10-band EQ equalizer, rock, jazz, pop, classical chose freely, musical style, their own definition. High fidelity, multimedia sound effects beyond the original car. Music style, free to manipulate.


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