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Hualingan China GPS Car Navigation for 10.25"Audi Q5 MMI 2G Wireless CarPlay / Andrio Auto

2009- 2017 Audi Q5 center console with 7.0" display, doesn't support touch operation, and operated by MMI control panel .Removing the original multimedia display and installing with Hualingan 10.25" multimedia android navigation, resolution: 1280*480 or 1920*720, support touch function, add more multimedia system functions: Android 10.0, GPS / BT phone / BT transmitter / music video / USB / SD / WIFI / 4G / rear camera / DVR / Wireless CarPlay / Andriod Auto / mobile phone Easyconnect ect functions / Built ZLINK, bring more entertainment experience to the drivers
  • HL-1005GB
  • Hualingan

Audi Q5 MMI 2G  (2009-- 2017) 

Audi Q5 MMI 3G  (2009-- 2017) 

Carplay:USB Interface or AHD camera (optional)

Operation Method: MMI System + Android System

First developed in China:

1,Supports 2-way USB

2,one TF card slot 

3,10.25" resolution: 1280*480 or 1920*720

4,support touch function

The first developed test bench in China:

1. The product simulates operation by connecting the original car screen and the original car CD test bench / GPS / BT phone / BT transmitter / music video / USB / SD / WIFI / 4G / rear camera / DVR / Wireless CarPlay / Andrio Auto / mobile phone Easyconnect ect functions / Built ZLINK

Main features:

1. Lossless installation preserves the original car screen, supports the original car touch screen to control the Android interface and the original car interface.

2. Our Android system can be connected to the central control screen through the Yilian APP, Carplay and other methods.

3. The android system is controlled through the rotary switch, the steering wheel, touch panel.

4. Support dual system: the original and the android.

Support for:

1. System: Android 10.0

2. Memory: 4GB+32GB / 8GB + 64GB / 8GB + 128GB

3. Supports 1920x720 / 1280x720 or other resolution

4. Supports a variety of videos, pictures and mainstream music formats

5. USB / SD / WIFI / easy connection (that is Yilian APP) / YouTube / GPS.

6. External support Carplay / Calife / Android Auto /Built ZLINK

7. Compatible with original touch screen.

8. Increase reverse trajectory, reversing radar

9. Support the original car reversing trajectory, reversing radar

10.Support original car camera or AHD camera

11.Supports reverse image

12.Supports wifi connected

13.Compatible with 4G network, need to Insert SIM card

14.Support music and phone

15.Languages: English / Russian / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Arabic / Portuguese / Turkish / Thai, ect.

1,we will provide 13 months of free maintenance service (means do not charge the cost of labor) from the date of your purchase.
2,If damaged is caused by undue wear and tear, dirt, misused, improper installation/operation, accident or repaired by unauthorized person, the warranty becomes void.(Repair parts fee will be charged)

3,repair parts ratio: 100: 1 (refers to parts, rather than the whole,Specific requirements pls ask the seller)

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