How to determine the car DVD quality is good or bad?

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How to determine the car DVD quality is good or bad?

Earlier Dedicated car audio navigation not pop up, some businesses rely on the sale of universal machine make a fortune, because it is easy to counterfeit and universal machine assembled by the OEM can produce a finished product. But with the rise of car-specific, universal machine has long been out of the market now, but all brand products, counterfeit and assembly are basically avoided.

In fact, from the appearance and use, in fact, can only roughly determine the work of particular products, for example, while the seismic performance of products, radiation is exceeded, we buy when it is difficult to judge out, the owner can only try to choose the fine workmanship little, we have after-sale protection brand products.

Comments: Andrews car machine is a more popular trend, Andrews car machine earlier this year in the stability or improved a lot, but most of all Internet access charges need to pay the owners themselves. Artificial background car DVD navigation, is a more practical choice


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