Car DVD Common Faults and Solutions

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Car DVD Common Faults and Solutions
1: When the machine displays the image displayed on the screen warning screen, speakers output sound normal?
  Cause: The machine brake is not connected properly. Should be put on the brake test line ground wire on the host or the brake detection of steel cable directly to the host, you can put the screen image appears.
2: The machine does its reading?
a) movement of the optical head is dirty.
b) If users put something just did not take long, mostly in the customer to buy a new disc, the disc in the middle of the hole stick a sponge, the customer did not pay attention when, after the disc into the machine, it will not cause read Singles, sometimes does not work out of the dish.
c) If the loading too long, it may be caused by aging skinhead movement.
3: You can not dish out?
a) disc deformation occurs can not dish out the situation
b) If no dish on the machine, mostly out of plastic sheets Singles opening movement of the upper part of the deformation. The method is in need of replacement or movement of heavy equipment movement.
c) adverse movement inside the machine.
4: You can not enter disc?
a) has a disc inside the machine, but can not enter Singles
b) the machine itself has a problem


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