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Android Auto Mercedes A Class W177 V177 Wireless Apple Carplay MBUX Multimedia System with 10.25 Touchscreen Fullscree Screen Mirroring Upgrade AHD Camera Wi-Fi Video Youtube

Can I upgrade my Mercedes to Android Auto?
Haulingan Apple Car Play & Android Auto upgrades. We can upgrade a wide variety of Mercedes OEM entertainment systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto are both built into our interfaces and allow you to display certain apps from your phone on your Merc OEM car screen.HL-4044
  • HL-4044
  • Hualingan

Aftermarket Hualingan: MBUX Infotainment System + Android System + Apple CarPlay Full Screen + Android Auto Mirroring  + Video in Motion + Wifi 4G Hotspot +  Google Maps + Camera (Front /Rear)

The Mercedes MBUX multimedia system is already compatible with Carplay.

However, on the MBUX 10.25/12.3-inch screen, Mercedes has deliberately limited the display of Carplay so that it cannot be displayed over the full width of the screen.

Mercedes MBUX Apple CarPlay need to pay for use, the experience is very poor.

Retrofit Hualingan Android CarPlay adaptor, that it can display Apple Carplay in full screen.Complementing features like your infotainment

Operating principle:

Connect the LVDS cable from the original car CD drive to the Android module with the LVDS adapter cable supplied in the kit. Insert the LVDS cable of the Android module into the LVDS connector of the CD drive that we just disconnected. (Android module " input" is connected to the original car CD, And Android module " output" is connected to the original car screen.)

Fits 100% in the following vehicle models:

Original: 10.25/12.3 (1920×720)  Touch Screen

MBUX System is available on the following Mercedes-Benz models:

A-Class (W177/V177 /Z177) -10.25-inch

B-Class (W247) -10.25-inch

E-Class (W213/S213/V213/C238/A238)- 12.3-inch/10.25-inch

G-Class (W463) - 12.3-inch

V-Class/Viano (w447) -10.25-inch

CLA (C118/X118) 10.25-inch

CLS (C257) -12.3-inch/10.25-inch

GLA (H247) -10.25-inch

GLB (X247) -10.25-inch

GLC (X254) -10.25-inch

GLS (X167) -10.25-inch

EQA (H243) -10.25-inch

EQB (X243) -10.25-inch

EQG (W463)-12.3-inch

EQV (W447) -10.25-inch

All original functions are fully retained!

Steering wheel controls and onboard computers are also supported.

Notice! Not Provide Separate Display in the delivery! it connects to the original display!

Contact us today with any questions you may have!

Apple CarPlay Fullscreen and Android Auto Mirroring

Adapts to various display sizes and control interfaces for each vehicle: touch screen, rotary dials, buttons, steering-wheel controls and hands-free microphones.

(1)Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or the Bluetooth interface with hands-free function for making phone calls with minimal distraction.

(2)Apple Carplay, Android auto: The car can be connected to the mobile phone through WIFI wireless connection or USB cable

(3)Siri Voice Control: After switching to the Android menu and connecting the Carplay, you can use Siri  to make calls, listen to music, navigation, reply to messages, ect.

(4)Android Mirror Link Apple Airplay for Screen Mirroring

(5)wireless/ wired (optional)

(6)More fun and safety with Carplay

(7)Siri voice control to answer messages

(8)Siri voice control to make calls

(9)Siri voice control to play music

(10)Siri voice control to set navigation destinations and use live maps to understand traffic conditions.

Giving you safe and easy access to Siri and your favorite apps like Spotify and WhatsApp while behind the wheel.

Android System:11.00 or 12.00 (optional)

(1)Android 11.0 MT8788 / Helio P60 8xARM 4XA73 2.0GHz +4XA53 1.8GHz Octa-Core 64-Bit ARM Prozessor (optional)

(2)Android 12.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 (MSM6125) 4x ARM Cortex-A53, 4x ARM Cortex-A73,Octa-Core 64-Bit ARM Prozessor upto 2.0 GHz (optional)

(3)Menu and voice guidance in 28 different languages

(4)Bluetooth/ Audio / Video

(5)4G Wi-Fi Hotspot:APPS Download,Video In Motion(Youtube,Facebook,TikToK,Instagram,watch online movies)

(6)Upgrade 6+64G, 8+64G, 6+128G, 8+128G (optional)

(7)Upgrade front AHD camera /reversing AHD camera/ 360 camera connection/ Car Dash Camera (optional)

(8)DAB + / digital TV/ obd2 / HD DVR (optional)

(9)USB-CVBS Output or USB-HDMI Output or USB AUX (optional)

MBUX Multimedia System:

(1)Whether it is watch movies/TV/video/Internet or streaming, it can fulfill your music wishes and coexist with car multimedia system.  and you have the opportunity to stream your favourite music without using your smartphone data volume and without paying extra

(2)USB can be connected as media storage for music and videos.

(3)Multimedia Button (Need to consult)

Navigation System:

(1)Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

Real-time traffic data , you can reach your destination quickly and safely ,and you will get Timely warning of any impending danger.

(2)Navigation Services(Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps are supported)

Offer you with more direction and useful information in the process of monitoring and controlling the movement of the vehicle

(3)Online Map Navigation Update

Always on track and always up to date: Online map updates automatically keep your gps navigation system map up to date.

Steering wheel control commands

(1)Key control: long press the "back" button in the command system can switch each other between the original menu and the Android menu. You can also use the Command button to control applications, Back , and volume.

(2)Steering wheel controls: Long press the "hang up" button on the steering wheel button to switch each other between the original menu and Android menu. Use the steering wheel to answer and end calls, select apps, and adjust the volume.

Plug and play installation, No rewiring or complicated installation.

After-Sales Service:

1,100: 1 Accessory Support

2,Warranty time: 15 months warranty

3,Warranty period

(1) Due to improper operation of our factory and other reasons, product quality, manual free maintenance

(2) Product quality due to improper customer operation, free manual maintenance, material charges

(3) Since the product ordered by the customer is not suitable for sale in his country, other products can be replaced, and the return shipping cost is borne by the customer.

Install Online Support,

Merchants from various countries:

1, OEM

2, Custom product mold development

Small quantity can be shipped from overseas warehouse: Europe, Russia, the United States

Price support, technical support

Welcome to email inquiry, negotiation or meet at Global Source Hong Kong Exhibition (April 11-14 and October 11-14)

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