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for BMW 2 Series (F44) Carplay & Android Auto Wireless Retrofitted with Android Navigation Youtube

Hualingan HL-203 is an In-Car entertainment and communication system, used to control most secondary vehicle systems in late-model BMW iDrive 7.0 MGU ID7 cars, assisted driving. iDrive Allows the driver ( include front-seat passengers) to touch screen or iDrive knob to operate audio system (radio and CD player) , navigation system (GPS/NAVI) , and the communication system,the climate (air conditioner and heater), HD video (Youtube* TikTok*), online movies, internet radio/TV, wireless carplay, has android auto, Bluetooth Music, Bluetooth phone call, download various Android APPS.
  • HL-203
  • Hualingan

ACHTUNG??? Im Lieferumfang Ist Kein Separates Display Enthalten .Es wird an Das Originale Display Angeschlossen!!

Passt 100% bei folgenden Fahrzeugmodellen:

BMW iDrive 7.0 MGU ID7 10.25"12.3"touch screen

1 Series (F40)     2 Series (F44)     3 Series (G20)     4 Series (G22)

5 Series (G30)    6 Series (G32)     7 Series (G11)    8 Series (G15)

BMW X3 (G01)   BMW iX3 (G08)  BMW X4 (G02)   BMW X5 (G05)

BMW X6 (G06)   BMW X7 (G07)   BMW Z4 (G29)   BMW X1 (U11

Wireless CarPlay / Android Auto, Wired Apple CarPlay / Android Auto:

1, AirPlay and Android Mirroring cover the full scree.

2, Wifi/4G Hotspot: Youtube* TikTok* GPS, Grid Musicvia, Online TV Pass APPS Download

Android System:

Android 11.0 MT8788 / Helio P60 8xARM 4XA73 2.0GHz +4XA53 1.8GHz Octa-Core 64-Bit ARM Prozessor

Android 12.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 (MSM6125) 4x ARM Cortex-A53, 4x ARM Cortex-A73,Octa-Core 64-Bit ARM

1,  Original car System and Android System Switch at Will

2,  Reversing Track/ Reversing Radar

3, GPS Live Navigation/ Multimedia Musicvia/ Video/ Bluetooth/ USB/ AUX/ 4G/ WIFI

4, Front and Rear AHD Camera/ Car Dash Camera(optional)

5, Optical Fiber Amplifier/ DAB + / digital TV/ obd2 scanner/ USB Audio Conversion Box (optional)

6, Menu and voice guidance in 28 different languages

7, Android operating system - In principle, any navigation software based on Android can be installed

8, 4+32G, 6+64G, 8+64G, 6+128G, 8+128G (optional)


1, GPS Live Navigation/ Phone Connection is not Necessary

2, AirPlay and Android Mirroring cover the full scree.

3, Qriginal car Without touch/ additional touch pad need to be ordered

4, Car Dash Camera (optional)

Hualingan BMW iD7 carplay radioHualingan BMW iD7 carplayHualingan BMW iD7 carplay APPHualingan BMW iD7 android

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