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VIP Dealer,
         Friends around the world, how are you, I am the CEO Hualingan Ms. Xie, I'm glad you could join Hualingan's family, with you through thick and thin, in order to create the car dvd player /navigation/gps career, for based on everyone in mutually beneficial, our company marketing plan set out VIP dealer rebate program. Hand in hand with the common development of VIP dealer market boom, win-win world.

   First, the one-year period to calculate sales.

,Annual sales rebate ways:

, The new products come out, priority sales (to Get a test)
      1, The new products come out, such as VIP customers need to test, you can get a free one. To give priority to the right to sell.
,Free developing new product development to customer needs.
       1, If customers look to develop new products agreed to use our existing mold appearance ,can be developed free.
       2,If the customer want to develop a new product appearance, customer specified to open the mold, the specified mold costs borne by the customer, if the orderreached 1,000 units, the specified mold costs will returned to the customer(just can be used for buy units from us ).

          Detailed program can e-mail request! Welcome dealers around the world to visit our factory and explore!